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About Us

The Name For The Home-Studio

GSA Audio borns in Arezzo on 2011 by the passion of Giacomo Sacchetti for the professional audio world. After several years passed between recording studios and concerts as audio engineer, decides to combine the knowledge in electronics and in the audio in a single project; begins this way the development and the production of the first devices in a small lab near his home.

The first impressions of use of the prototypes, results of a long time and commitment, by musicians and sound engineers are immediately enthusiastic. The listening tests compared with much more expensive and branded products, confirming the quality of GSA projects, and the market sector in which they occur increases even more the value of projects.

All products sold to date (and not less in the future) are the result of that commitment and that passion that drove a young passionate of music and professional audio to start its activities with the desire to offer high quality products with an eye of regard (very important) to the final price of the sale, so as to allow anyone who wants to realize his musical projects, to have high quality products at the right price.