DOA 252 Discrete Audio OP-AMP

Key Features

  • Low Noise;
  • Full Discrete high quality circuit;
  • Low distortion;
  • High Headroom;
  • Standard 2520/990 footprint (1”x1” - 6 pins);
  • Max Power Supply +-20V;
  • API2520 style.

The DOA 252 is our reinterpretation of the legendary API2520 Op-Amp that has made the suond of many preamps American-Style.

The layout of the circuit is carefully studied and employs the highest quality components properly selected: the input transistors are matched to have identical gain and protected against over-voltage; output transistors have a better thermal coupling through the diode biasing appropriately arranged.

The dimensions are those of the standard 990 and 2520 Op-Amp with 6-pin.

The sound is "in-face" with round and controlled low-end. The DOA 252 is the perfect opamp for audio gear that requires high-performance. This Op-Amp is particularly recommended in any DIY project where you want to have a suond API style.


Price: 45,00€



  • Type: Discrete Audio OP-AMP