Vitrum 501 Solid State ultra-clean mic preamp - 500 series


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Key Features

  • Hand-Made in Italy;
  • Standard API 500 series;
  • Solid state circuitry with high quality components;
  • Transformer-like floating output;
  • Ultra clean sound;
  • Very low distortion, high headroom;
  • Phantom, Phase Reversal, PAD;
  • Maximum overall gain 66dB.


The Vitrum 501 is a microphone preamplifier in standard API 500 format, hand-assembled with the highest quality components.

The name, Vitrum (glass, in Latin), indicates the incredible cleanliness and transparency that this preamp is able to have, with very low harmonic distortion even at high gains. Lends itself to any type of use where it is required a clean sound and dynamic, such as acoustic instruments and voices. Each component of the circuit has been carefully chosen to ensure the best performances from the input / preamp section (using the finest Op-Amp specifically designed for audio) to the output section, characterized by a special circuitry that allows to get the typical character given by an audio transformer giving a clean and dynamic sound.

On the front panel (black anodized high quality aluminum) are located the Gain potentiometer, the Pad attenuation switch (-20dB), phantom power switch and phase reverse switch.

The Vitrum 501 is offered at an affordable price, and its sonic characteristics make it a must-have in any recording studio both domestic and professional.



The Vitrum 501 is an craft manufacturing, for this the time for order fulfillment may vary between 2 and 7 days.


Acoustic GTR - Microphone: Neumann U87; Preamp GSA Vitrum501;





  • Type: Solid State clean mic preamp - standard 500 format
  • Frequency Range: 25Hz to 20KHz
  • Impedance: MIC Input: 1500 Ohms
  • Controls: PAD (-20dB), Phase reverse, Phantom power
  • Connector: Lunchbox IN/OUT
  • Size: 3,8cm x 13,3cm x 17cm
  • Net weight: 500 gr