Limited warranty

Sacchetti Audio warrants his products to be free from defects in construction or materials used for a period of 24 months from date of purchase by the original purchaser. For purchases made outside of Italy, you should refer to the G.S.A official distributor. Carefully keep the receipt (or invoice) that will be required by Sacchetti Audio or the official abroad distributor, whenever you will avail of this warranty, under penalty of failure of the guaranteed obligations. For purchases made abroad, the guarantee must be given to the GSA official distributor of the nation and may have a different duration in relation to current regulations in that country.

  • This warranty covers defects in materials or construction and is limited to repair or possible replacement (at the discretion of Sacchetti Audio or foreign distributor) of the defective parts. Is excluded the replacement of the entire device. Any action taken by non-authorized service centers, as well as alteration of the original plates or partial cancellation of the serial number will automatically invalidate any claim for damages. At the time of purchase, take delivery from dealer current list of authorized service centers. The device that requires technical assistance should always be delivered or sent prepaid with a copy of the guarantee and tax receipt (or invoice) provided the date of purchase and details of the dealer, and an accurate description of defects . Once validated warranty claim, the repaired product will be returned to Buyer with transportation costs borne by Sacchetti Audio.


  • Sacchetti Audio is not liable for damage derived from the transport, the buyer must ensure that the package is adequate and able to protect the product from impact arising from the transport itself. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from: carelessness and neglect, misuse and abuse of the product, damages resulting from the use of the product with supply voltages other than indicated, any potential damage resulting from changes made to the product, whether electrical parts, that the aesthetic parts. The use outside the normal safety, free Sacchetti Audio from all civil and criminal matters. Any damage caused by lightning, fire, force majeure of any kind, exclude all liability of Sacchetti Audio.


  • Sacchetti Audio is not liable for damages arising as a consequence of malfunctioning equipment, excluding any compensation to the buyer or the seller. Any technical or aesthetic changes, possible product improvements that were put in place in time, do not require Sacchetti Audio to change devices already produced before. The warranty terms are applied only to the original buyer  (customer of the dealer) and is not transferable to anyone who may subsequently purchase this product. No other (retailers, etc.) is authorized to provide any type of guarantee on behalf of Sacchetti Audio.